‘show me grace…’

greetings!  it’s been a while since we visited.  i’m still not sure if i’m cut out for blog writing.  my thoughts and meditations are way too disconnected and rambling for others to benefit from them.  i did want to share the lyrics of a song that i love though.  it’s by Jennifer Knapp who has been very upfront about her struggles and confusion in walking the Walk with holiness.

A Little More….

“Turn Your eyes from on this way I have proved to live a dastardly day. I hid my face from the saints and the angels who sing of Your glory.

What You had in mind my weakness shines, show me grace.

A little more than I can give, a little more than I deserve, unearth this holiness I can’t earn.

It’s a little more than I can give, a little more than I deserve.

For all the sin that lives in me it took a nail to set me free. still, what I do I don’t want to do and so goes the story. What You had in mind, what we seek we’ll find. shine, show me grace.

With all this motivation I still find a hesitation deep in my soul. Despite all my demanding I still find You understanding. Show me grace, show me grace… “


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