Darkness cannot drive out darkness; only light can do that. Hate cannot drive out hate; only love can do that.

greetings brothers and sisters and friends!  this is about forgiveness and new beginnings.  this is about a God that is so patient with us because of a love so deep, well, there is no end to it 🙂 .  the title quote is from Dr. Martin Luther King Jr..  read it through a couple of times and let it sink in….now think of that one we just can’t seem to offer the hand of forgiveness.  what is won?  what is gained in our standoff of the heart?  because of my own riveting season of unforgiveness years and years ago, i know from whence i speak.  it locks us in a mighty dark fortress where satan stands guard to thwart any efforts to free us.  picture yourself there for a moment. now picture the object of your wrath standing outside the fortress in a field.  we think that person in the field can free us by saying (and really meaning it!) the right words that will fling open the fortress door and let all the Light back into our lives.  but with God it just does not work that way and somewhere deep in our spirits we know this- but run from it when backed into the corner by a Judas kiss.  you know what comes next.  the best part 🙂 – Christ, our precious Lord and Savior, willingly went to the cross to pay the price for all of our filty rags because of a love so vast He literally could not deny it.  He freely offers us forgiveness for our sins because it is the only way back home to our Father in heaven. of all the things God could have poured out of His Son’s sacrifice it was forgiveness we needed most.  so it must be the key….

thank You Lord that You will wait on Your children as we learn to walk the higher ground of love – one step at a time.