-the expression or application of human creative skill and imagination, typically in a visual form such as painting, sculpture, music, poetry, etc.

greetings!  the above title is the definition of ‘art’… funny to limit it so.  my youngest is an artist by trade.  it flows out of him as naturally as his voice or as easily as his smile.  he could no more stop being an artist as he could stop eating.  i believe the Lord has gifted him with his passion.  so the above definition of art is very limited and empty in a way.  what if we ventured out of the confines of this definition to truly see art with new eyes?  here are a few examples that i believe prove the possibilities of a larger, deeper meaning:   the earth.  look around.  if you believe the Lord designed and created it all, then just look at a tree…wow!!  He drew that from nothing!  listen to http://youtu.be/amfCqFUMBkY.  the music literally flows from his violin and spills out all over your soul.  close your eyes and take one bite of an orange slice and chew it slowly.  the Lord created that out of nothing to bless our hearts and it is beautiful and it evokes joy.  my husband makes incredible rough wooden bowls out of chunks of wood he scavenges for.  the chunk is always lifeless and fireplace worthy.  he believes that God has put a bowl inside of these formless chunks and if he will let Him be the guide then a thing of wonder will emerge…and it does!  we are surprised and amazed with each new birth.  my oldest son created Roger’s website for him.  the first time i pulled it up i actually took a breath in.  it is exquisite and exactly presents the beauty of the bowls that Roger wanted to showcase.  our son created that website out of a few random pictures of bowls and it is a work of art.  then lastly our middle son designs airplanes in ways that have never been envisioned before.  in fact, i would venture to say, many doubt his lofty visions until time after time he gets it built, it flys like a dream and it is truly something brand new to behold.  art flows out of him in visions, new ideas, music and dance…and airplanes!  the Lord has put this wonderful well of living water inside us all that know He lives in our hearts.  in my mind art flows from that well when we learn how to release it or put a spray nozzle on it, so to speak.  you have that somewhere, somehow inside of you.  have you learned how to set it free?