mind photos…heart treasures

greetings family and friends!  hope you all
had a wonderful, love filled holiday.  i think i speak for my little covey when
i say we had our best Thanksgiving to date, praise the Lord!  the spirit of the
time together was truly ‘a time set apart for love’. we had Mom in her
wheelchair out on the porch with us and we sat at the old picnic table together
to eat.  we were all laughing and reliving old memories and eating delicious
food the Lord had provided in abundance for us.  in the Bible there are several
passages where Mary ‘treasured these things in her heart’.  and for a moment, it
was as if time stood still…suspended there in this precious gift of us
together as a family.  i felt like God was whispering to me to cherish this
picture in my heart- my overflowing heart- and it would warm me for years to
come…so the encouragement to all of you out there is to take many mind photos
this holiday to store up for the  years ahead.  stop, be still, drink it in.
oh, how the Lord has so blessed us with these loved ones of ours….
there lies
our truest treasure.


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