…dying to self.

from the Calvary Road by Roy and Revel Hession

‘We want to be very simple in this matter of revival.  Revival is just the life of the Lord Jesus poured into human hearts.  Jesus is always victorious.  In heaven they are praising Him all the time for His victory!  Whatever may be our experience of failure and barrenness, He is never defeated.  His power is boundless And we, on our part, have only to get into a right relationship with Him, and we shall see His power being demonstrated in our hearts and lives and service, and His victorious life will fill us and overflow through us to others.  And that is revival in its essence.

If, however, we are to come into this right relationship with Him, the first thing we must learn is that our wills must be broken to His will.  To be broken is the beginning of revival.  It is painful, it is humiliating, but it is the only way.  It is being ‘Not I, but Christ,’ and the ‘C’ is a bent ‘I’. The Lord Jesus cannot live in us fully and reveal Himself through us until the proud self within us is broken.  This simply means that the hard unyielding self, which justifies itself, wants its own way, stands up for its rights, and seeks its own glory, at last bows its head to God’s will, admits its wrong, gives up its own way to Christ, surrenders its rights and discards its own glory – that the Lord Jesus might have all and be all. In other words it is dying to self.’


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