thankful for the beauty of fall….

greetings and praise the Lord for outside fall days! excuse this encouragement if it sounds rather scattered but there are few important things to cover. one is the obvious awesomeness of Outside in all it’s glory and the ability to be out there and moving with no excuses. in the early morning or the evening, remember even if we make up our mind to step outside and walk briskly (maybe with weights) up and down the road for 5 minutes then come back in and continue what we were doing it will refresh us- guaranteed. or just go stand out on the porch or sidewalk at work and jog in place or do a couple of squats or lunges then stretch our arms overhead and breathe deeply a few times. or put a stationary bike or track outside to jump on now and then. doable :).
last but never least, Anna read where soft drinks can really frustrate our attempts to achieve flat abs. some of us (me) used to drink diet drinks all day. the bubbles stretch the stomach and besides making it pooch out also leave the stomach a bit bigger and so harder to feel full after a regular serving of food. to which we all say ‘bummer!’. so, good to cut down some on any carbonated drinks plus try drinking a bottle of water before the ones we do drink and it will slow us way down on feeling like we ‘need’ to have one. this comes from personal experience. i actually feel better from the extra water and haven’t felt cheated from the absence of diet coke. thanks Anna!


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