let’s talk about balance…

let’s talk about balance. working on our balance is a multi-benefit pursuit. besides being a good way to strengthen our core, taking time to do some challenging standing poses can decrease accidents in other fitness areas, improve our general performance in daily chores and activities, contribute to a calmer state of mind and build our overall body confidence. that makes me want to push back this chair and get to it! wait..let’s go over a few key factors when working on balance. begin with a simple move such as standing very tall with arms stretched out to either side (beginning placement to gain confidence or you can stand by a wall and touch it with one fingertip at first). now slowly slide one foot up onto your other leg with the bottom of your foot flat on the ankle. firm up your core and pull up out of your pelvis to lengthen your torso. think of that cord through your spine and up the back of your head to lighten your weight and keep your from sinking downward. half of balance is mental so fix your eyes on a static point at eye level and slow your thoughts down. go through several breathes before changing legs. super! as you gain confidence work with poses where your raised leg is up in front of you and arms are raised above your head. one awesome balance move is ‘the runner’. you very slowly perform the same moves as if your were running in an exaggerated fashion while keeping one slightly bent leg planted on the floor. it’s fun once you get the hang of it!


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