What’s your ‘why’?

one of my wonderful friends shared the other day that she is no longer walking
or working out but still enjoys reading these encouragements.  well, that’s not
going to work!  we’ve got to urge each other on to take the best care of
ourselves we can so that we feel good, strong and ready to live this life we are
blessed with to the fullest.  our bodies are a gift from the Lord and it’s time
to really take hold of that responsibility. right on! so what can we do to get
truly motivated to do this thing?  well the big news is that it’s different for
each one of us, the ‘why’ of what brought us here in the first place. for me it
is many things but right now it is so wanting to maintain a healthy, energetic
body so when my grandkids (yippee!) come along we can romp and dance and play up
a storm.  what’s your ‘why’? when we get it clear in our minds what it is let’s
write it on a card if we need to and put it on the bathroom mirror or dash of
the car or frame of the computer to remind us to keep with the program because
it is a choice we have firmly made for our lives.  we have a ‘madeup mind’!


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