Mondo eggs
spray medium to small size iron skillet with olive oil Pam and a small squirt of butter Pam (or add a bit of olive oil smart balance spread). heat to very warm and toss in 6 chopped up green onions.  let cook for a couple of minutes on medium while you chop up either a very ripe roma tomato or 1/3 of a very ripe vine tomato.  set aside.  break one egg into skillet on top of onions.  then slightly swirl the yellow around.  add the whites of two other eggs and if needed redistribute the yellow a little.  sprinkle the tomato over it.  sprinkle with shaker of parmesan/romano cheese then with salt and pepper.  top with torn up small leaves of spinach if desired.  press this gently into egg with the end of a small spatula.  pull up edge of egg, slide under it and then flip it over.  top should be browned nicely. just let it cook on this side for a minute and pull it off the burner.  let sit for a couple of minutes to set.  this is good eaten out of the pan or on one of those wonderful new sandwich thins toasted or wrapped in a whole grain tortilla with salsa.  enjoy!

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