Get moving!

this week is a general exhortation to get moving.  some new studies published in the website Medscape once again affirm the positive effects of an active lifestyle with the benefits multiplying for every day added or activity added to our regular routines.  these studies focused on the delaying of mental decline and diseases such as dementia and Alzheimer’s.  they conclusively proved that the people who worked out a minimum of 30 minutes 5 days a week showed a marked delay in mental decline as they aged.  there were also improvements in their mental functions when they added physical activity to an otherwise sedentary lifestyle.  that is a big hooray to those of us with dementia and Alzheimer’s in our families!

if that’s not enough to get you up and moving, there are many studies that support the fact we are made to move and work.  longevity studies always list physical exercises as a key to a long life. even the air that we breathe while working out can add to or inhibit the benefits.  exercising strengthens the heart but working out where there is exposure to air pollution increases risk of heart disease.  even short term exposure to smoggy or smokey air can upset electrical activity of the heart, trigger stroke and heart problems and exacerbate arterial disease.  choose exercise that you love where the air is healthy to breathe.  people who combine these two elements tend to live the longest and healthiest.


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