Sam’s pushups

after much looking believe it or not i finally found a correct form in a picture of someone doing a Sam pushup.  this particular pushup has many pluses for your body with fewer stressors than the old pushup we normally do.  so begin at your own level with either body in plank position or altered plank with knees on the floor.  many women have an overarched lower back and must begin from their knees to avoid back strain.  pull abs in tightly to support lower back during this entire sequence.  now for the main kicker,  bring arms back so that your elbows are pointed backwards and upper arms are beside chest, hands pointed to front (see drawing above).  executing the pushup in this form isolates the backs of the arms (triceps) and chest region more and lessens the stress on the shoulder caps.  now when you actually ‘push up’, you will need to keep your chest forward from your face and your head pulled back in line with your back (no sinking).  touch your chest down with each rep and not your face.  always remember to inhale as your lower and exhale on the exertion or lift.  excellent!  go for 15 reps then stretch it out.


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