‘….Run as if to win.’

‘Do you not know
that those who run in a race all run, but only one receives the prize? Run in
such a way that you may win.’   I Corinthians 9:24  NASB

what if we made a choice to live this way everyday?  what if it transformed our spiritual life as well as our relationships and our health and fitness?  wild thought isn’t it?Image

i think this could be the difference in a good life and a Splendid, Awesome life!  if we are not quite there in our own personal walk then perhaps today is the day to make a change.  it all rests at that one point we come to when we usually either stop there because we are tired or bored or apathetic or distracted and subconsciously decide to do as we normally do and…..Settle!   this may be in prayer, studying the Word, running, making healthy or not food choices, spending our time or talking with a good friend.  there is a choice to be made the next time we reach that invisable point of medocrity in each of our lives.  the runner maybe able to identify the line most easily.  it is where we must call upon something besides physical ability to keep pushing on down the path.  that something lies in the heart and the spirit of us all.

are we brave enough to give it a whirl in at least some aspect of our lives today?  imagine the changes that could happen if we pressed into prayer with more of our focus and spirit looking to the Lord who longs to spend time with us?  what if we finally laid down our worn-out list of excuses and pushed ourselves to actually workout and sweat some?  what if we really threw out the processed cookies and chips and firmly decided to think of our food as fuel for a feel good body at last?  what if we chose to smile at folks along our journey and share some of that big ol’ love we have hidden in our hearts?   what if…..


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