Mondo eggs
spray medium to small size iron skillet with olive oil Pam and a small squirt of butter Pam (or add a bit of olive oil smart balance spread). heat to very warm and toss in 6 chopped up green onions.  let cook for a couple of minutes on medium while you chop up either a very ripe roma tomato or 1/3 of a very ripe vine tomato.  set aside.  break one egg into skillet on top of onions.  then slightly swirl the yellow around.  add the whites of two other eggs and if needed redistribute the yellow a little.  sprinkle the tomato over it.  sprinkle with shaker of parmesan/romano cheese then with salt and pepper.  top with torn up small leaves of spinach if desired.  press this gently into egg with the end of a small spatula.  pull up edge of egg, slide under it and then flip it over.  top should be browned nicely. just let it cook on this side for a minute and pull it off the burner.  let sit for a couple of minutes to set.  this is good eaten out of the pan or on one of those wonderful new sandwich thins toasted or wrapped in a whole grain tortilla with salsa.  enjoy!

How much do you sit each day?

Image“Researchers wondered if a connection existed between sitting for long periods of time and mortality, and discovered there was – even for people who engaged in leisure-time activity.
The study followed 17,013 Canadians ages 18 to 90 for an average of 12 years, men and women who were part of the 1981 Canada Fitness Survey. They were asked to rate how long each day they spent sitting, from “almost none of the time” to “almost all of the time.”

Among causes of death during the study period, 759 were from cardiovascular disease, 547 from cancer, and 526 from other causes, such as respiratory disease, injuries and violence, and digestive system disorders. Those who died tended to have a higher body mass index and were less physically active. More important, increased sitting time was linked with death rates from all causes except cancer.

That association was seen among those who did and did not exercise, as well as all BMI levels. That’s right – even people who exercised but remained sedentary for much of the day had a higher mortality risk. “This is an important observation because it suggests that high amounts of sitting cannot be compensated for with occasional leisure time physical activity even if the amount exceeds the current minimum physical activity recommendations,” wrote researchers from the Pennington Biomedical Research Center in Baton Rouge, La., and the Canadian Fitness and Lifestyle Research Institute in Ottawa. The study appears in the May issue of Medicine & Science in Sports & Exercise. The study offers new appreciation for jobs such as nursing, waiting tables and hair styling, although there are sore feet and aching backs to think about. And it lends some credence to integrating a treadmill into a work space to incorporate more movement into the day.”

what ideas could make your home and work place a more healthy and productive place to spend your days?


Get moving!

this week is a general exhortation to get moving.  some new studies published in the website Medscape once again affirm the positive effects of an active lifestyle with the benefits multiplying for every day added or activity added to our regular routines.  these studies focused on the delaying of mental decline and diseases such as dementia and Alzheimer’s.  they conclusively proved that the people who worked out a minimum of 30 minutes 5 days a week showed a marked delay in mental decline as they aged.  there were also improvements in their mental functions when they added physical activity to an otherwise sedentary lifestyle.  that is a big hooray to those of us with dementia and Alzheimer’s in our families!

if that’s not enough to get you up and moving, there are many studies that support the fact we are made to move and work.  longevity studies always list physical exercises as a key to a long life. even the air that we breathe while working out can add to or inhibit the benefits.  exercising strengthens the heart but working out where there is exposure to air pollution increases risk of heart disease.  even short term exposure to smoggy or smokey air can upset electrical activity of the heart, trigger stroke and heart problems and exacerbate arterial disease.  choose exercise that you love where the air is healthy to breathe.  people who combine these two elements tend to live the longest and healthiest.

Sam’s pushups

after much looking believe it or not i finally found a correct form in a picture of someone doing a Sam pushup.  this particular pushup has many pluses for your body with fewer stressors than the old pushup we normally do.  so begin at your own level with either body in plank position or altered plank with knees on the floor.  many women have an overarched lower back and must begin from their knees to avoid back strain.  pull abs in tightly to support lower back during this entire sequence.  now for the main kicker,  bring arms back so that your elbows are pointed backwards and upper arms are beside chest, hands pointed to front (see drawing above).  executing the pushup in this form isolates the backs of the arms (triceps) and chest region more and lessens the stress on the shoulder caps.  now when you actually ‘push up’, you will need to keep your chest forward from your face and your head pulled back in line with your back (no sinking).  touch your chest down with each rep and not your face.  always remember to inhale as your lower and exhale on the exertion or lift.  excellent!  go for 15 reps then stretch it out.

‘….Run as if to win.’

‘Do you not know
that those who run in a race all run, but only one receives the prize? Run in
such a way that you may win.’   I Corinthians 9:24  NASB

what if we made a choice to live this way everyday?  what if it transformed our spiritual life as well as our relationships and our health and fitness?  wild thought isn’t it?Image

i think this could be the difference in a good life and a Splendid, Awesome life!  if we are not quite there in our own personal walk then perhaps today is the day to make a change.  it all rests at that one point we come to when we usually either stop there because we are tired or bored or apathetic or distracted and subconsciously decide to do as we normally do and…..Settle!   this may be in prayer, studying the Word, running, making healthy or not food choices, spending our time or talking with a good friend.  there is a choice to be made the next time we reach that invisable point of medocrity in each of our lives.  the runner maybe able to identify the line most easily.  it is where we must call upon something besides physical ability to keep pushing on down the path.  that something lies in the heart and the spirit of us all.

are we brave enough to give it a whirl in at least some aspect of our lives today?  imagine the changes that could happen if we pressed into prayer with more of our focus and spirit looking to the Lord who longs to spend time with us?  what if we finally laid down our worn-out list of excuses and pushed ourselves to actually workout and sweat some?  what if we really threw out the processed cookies and chips and firmly decided to think of our food as fuel for a feel good body at last?  what if we chose to smile at folks along our journey and share some of that big ol’ love we have hidden in our hearts?   what if…..

we are back, praise the Lord!

‘Humility and charity are twins born of sanctity.’  –Thirsting for God
greetings!  we are back up and running with the blog if the good Lord wills it. please continue to keep this blog in your prayers for God’s direction. and that it will always bring glory to Him and encourage folks to live a sanctified life with God’s power and love poured out.  hopefully along the way we will all learn more about strengthening our own personal walks with Him, about keeping our bodies healthy and strong and about living outloud with truth and courage.  thank you so much for going on this journey with me.