{Fitness Tip}: Jump!


try jumping!  any form of impact movement is instrumental in keeping our bones nice and strong, which we say ‘amen!’ to.

you may already be nodding your head no and going on down to ‘healthy fuel’ but please hear me out first.  part of the beauty of our madeup minds is the freeing sense of adventure to it.  since we have committed to the hard part of ‘making up our minds to do this thing!’

now we are free to explore all that can mean for our stronger, more focused lives.  so before we nix something from the outset we are free to explore it a bit first to see if it can indeed enrich our bodies or minds.  with that in mind let’s explore impact workouts.  we can pick from the form that works best for our physical fitness level beginning with simply dancing.  yes if we put on a song that makes us want to move as we dance it is a breeze to include some moves that mimic bouncing but our feet never leave the floor.  just that alone can begin our journey ‘up in the air!’.

so after a couple of weeks in this mode you can move on to a low level jumping jacks, simply jogging in place or perhaps even a few lunges each followed by a small leap forward.  from this level you can consider jumping rope (with or without an actual jumprope), medium impact aerobic dvd, basketball, mini-trampoline or even dancing with bouncing (please send me a video of this 🙂 to a great song!  then when you add small handweights or a weighted waist belt to these movements you get double the calorie burn plus stronger bones.

sound good?

for more info on the need for impact and weight bearing workouts on the bones (and joints) please see this great link:    http://www.livestrong.com/article/266232-aerobic-exercises-bone-density/


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