{Motivation}: Pull Your Stomach In!

our encouragement for the week is two fold. 
first and most importantly, please stop and smell the roses this season.  the Lord’s incredible creation is singing out in splendor and we must make a choice to stop and notice and enjoy so that our bodies and souls may be nourished and rejuvenated.  and it’s free!
secondly (and more down to earth) is the reminder to pull in your stomach throughout the day. i have a little sticky note on the middle of my steering wheel that just says ‘strong’.  i know it means in prayer, in love, in joy and in body (holding in my stomach  is part of that).  the mere act of doing this will help you to sit straighter, stand taller, breath more fully, support your lower back and ease tension in your shoulders as you follow through and pull your shoulders back, strengthen your abs as much as doing an ab exercise alone and improve your digestion as your get those core muscles back and working again. all through the day remember to pull that naval in toward your spine then up under your ribs. (visualizing this helps you to hold in the correct position.)

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