{Healthy Fuel}: Beautiful Quiche.


Happy Memorial Day!  If you have the day off, this beautiful quiche might be a great thing to whip up as a (healthy!) brunch treat for you and your crew.


Beautiful Quiche
oven at 375 degrees. chop about 1/2 cup of the type of onion you prefer and sauté it to limp in a fry pan or allow to sit and caramelize some.  also can add chopped mushroom to this with a splash of olive oil
in a big bowl blend 3 egg whites and 2 whole eggs, 1 thawed and  drained well frozen package ofspinach3/4 cup nonfat small curd cottage cheese, the tall container of parmesan and asiago and romano cheese to your preference, 2 grated carrots5 thawed sweet potato tator tots (freezer section), chopped up fresh herbs to preference, garlic sea saltsplash of soymilk or 1% milk,chopped dark red tomato to taste and if desired a little chopped bacon (my weakness).  add sautéed onion (and mushroom if desired).  spray a glass pie pan with olive oil Pam. pour mixture in and bake until toothpick in middle comes out clean about 30 to 40 minutes usually.

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