{Fitness Tip}: Stretching to Prevent Injury.

stretching is a preventive and regular practice for fitness and feeling good. 
much as in incorporating workouts and walking into our lives, there are many side benefits to daily stretching especially as we get older.  stretching will help protect your body from being injured as much by unusual or challanging tasks, can greatly decrease stress and it’s effects on our systems, will enhance your ability to stand and sit taller and straighter, can enhance hydration to the joints (cool!), and will help us to learn how to relax our bodies more efficiently. 
when stretching there are a couple of important points to remember:  it greatly aids a stretch to close your eyes and focus on your breathing, you must ‘give your muscles permission’ in your mind to relax and melt (i know that sounds highly freaky but it’s true). cold muscles do not a stretch make so warm up the area first with some repetitive movements and
bounce on a stretch but always slowly hold it and allow the muscles to respond.

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