{Motivation}: Priorities.


it’s time to set our bodies and our health as one of our priorities in life. 

this means everyday awareness of time to make good, healthy choices with food and awareness of enough time to do some kind of body work:

  • stretches
  • yoga
  • brisk walking
  • workout to a dvd
  • lifting some weights
  • ball work
  • elliptical.  

and yes with both it is important to mix it up to achieve a healthy balance with nutrients and calories and physical fitness.  just a small window of 30 minutes a day devoted to taking care of our bodies by working towards getting them strong and springy will add up to big benefits by the end of 2012. 

leaving off one food splurge every day will add up to a lighter body at the end of the year as well. 

if these do not become a normal, regular part of our daily regimen then we will continue to struggle to make glad strides ahead to fitness. 


right on and right on!


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