{Fitness Tip}: Point of Posture

sitting and standing correctly does many wonderful things for us: 
  • reminds us to pull in our naval toward our spine to support our lower back 🙂 
  • opens up our lungs for greater breathing capacity
  • actually lessens stress in the shoulder region by aligning and lengthening the spine
  • communicates a more capable and youthful appearance
  • encourages us to move stronger and more deliberately 
  • and aids healthy digestion.  
there are many other benefits but these are pretty cool on their own!
so here we go with a fun self-check right there at your computer. first think of the top of your skull as being pulled up toward the ceiling (everyone who takes the class knows i’m big on visualzation to improve results). 
now picture a string running through the top of your skull down through the bone where your neck and shoulders meet and down to your tailbone pulling you up and lengthening your frame. this alerts the smaller supporting muscles to ‘look alive‘ and firm-up.
now your head is directly over your shoulders and shoulders over your hips- nice and tall.  feel yourself actually breathing deeper and spontanously pulling the naval in and up under the ribs.  perfect!  your shoulder blades (wings) are back and flat then relaxed in this position. 
your ribcage is slightly tilted up to further open up the lungs and immediately relieve stress off of the neck region making it easier to keep your head back (instead of hanging forward). 
don’t you already feel more like you can do anything!?  me too!

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