{Fitness Tip}: Easy Core Strengthener

if you can do this, you don't need this exercise. 🙂

this is a relatively easy little exercise that produces big results over time :).

  • first, lie on your back, pull your abs in firmly to your spine and tuck upwards under your ribcage (last part more of a visualization to wake-up the supporting muscles in core).
  • arms are relaxed by sides.  try to keep them and your shoulders loose and relaxed throughout the exercise.
  • next, bend your knees and straighten one leg up toward ceiling while keeping other foot on the floor.
  • flex the foot on the straight leg and using your core, pull the leg toward your face and pulse slowly back and forth in a small move as you continue to breathe.
  • then switch to other leg.
  • to make it harder, just lift foot of bent leg a couple of inches off floor while doing move.  after several reps gently pull straight leg toward you with your hands to stretch back of thighs.
  • avoid placing a hand right behind the knee.  breathe through stretch.


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