{Motivation}: Workout Nirvana

today, let’s consider what our workout bliss and doable workout regimen might be to reach a lifestyle fitness nirvana…or close.

in other words, find what works so perfectly with our bodies, our schedules, our energy levels, our mindsets and our motivations that we can and will include it into our daily lives long term- happily!

for real, this can happen and change our lives for the better because some of us live it and know it’s true.

just exactly like finding the Lord and our heart being transformed through Him, we have the testimony of all the new dimensions a fitter, healthier body can add to our lives in so many ways.  and essential to this breakthrough is the fuel we supply our engine with.  ‘garbage in’ turns into garbage to run on.

so let us commit to paying more attention to what works for us individually and what we enjoy in the way of working out both on the aerobic level and exercise level.  also, let us fuel that wonderful discovery with our own healthy choices that we love enough to keep growing, buying, snacking on, cooking and never feeling deprived eating because…


we are loving the way we feel, baby!

*image from 1000awesomethings.com


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