{Fitness Tip}: Stability Ball

please consider buying a
stability ball for your home if you don’t already
have one.  they have them at walmart in boxes that
show height range to make sure you get the right
one.  make sure it is not weighted or anti-burst. 

they were first designed to work with folks who
needed back or knee physical therapy.  now we use
them to strengthen and stretch the back and front
of our core.  it’s also great for working your
glutes (hips) and legs.  the ball helps to
strengthen the muscles used in correct posture as

below is an interesting quote from
exercise physiologist Thomas Hyde:
‘In particular, many ball exercises are designed
to bring movement to the spine in a controlled
manner to help keep the discs nourished. Moving
the vertebrae helps nourish the discs in the spine
by increasing blood flow around the disc and by
causing the water to flow in and out of the disc.’
so you choose the reasons for using this excellent
workout tool in your home and then get to it.


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