{Motivation}: Summer’s Coming!

we are back and ready to hit the ground running.

summer will be here before we know it and we all feel better lighter when it’s hot, right?  so why not check out goodwill or hunt county shopper for a cheap static bicycle or track – or grab some walking shoes or swimsuit and ‘get up and get going‘.

no one can do it but you, my friend.

it’s so funny how much better we know we feel when we take care of this marvelous machine God has blessed us with including the way we


or fuel

it and the way we


and stretch

it out.

then we make choices to work against this and end up feeling yucky!  soooooooo, today let’s choose to dance (even if the music is just in our heads), stretch our arms up and out taking deep breaths while we do it, walk briskly and eat a big beautiful salad instead of those cookies!

*image from marthastewart.com


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