{Good to Know}: Soups!

we’re talkin soups! 

when was the last time you made a big pot of your favorite kind?

…probably too long. 

and they are generally even better the second day!  they are super filling and nutritious and can be made very low-cal, so what are we waiting for? 

my favorite is the old school beef vegetable soup my mom used to make.  vegetable or chicken vegetable are both lighter options that would be great for Spring.  the beauty of them is that we can tailor the ingredients to either what we have on hand or what we most like to eat in the vegetable department.  

also soup loves fresh herbs so be wild and crazy with it!  this note from an old soup maker: always try to start from fresh ingredients because it really makes the taste pop.   many soups are just as good later cold…for real! 

so let’s consider this meal option in the weeks ahead.

*image from VegetariansRecipes.org.


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