{Fitness Tip}: Stretch It Out.

one of my favorite core strengtheners and stretchers! 

  • stand tall with ears lined up over shoulders and shoulders lined up over hip bones.
  • slightly bend knees (always squat with bottom sticking out in back and never with knees protruding over feet) and slightly turn feet outwards.
  • pull in naval toward spine and up under ribcage (visualize) to protect back and engage core fully.
  • pull shoulders back and down (wings down in back) and slightly lift ribcage to open up breathing and engage middle back.
  • arms down on each side with elbows bent in and loose fists up in front of chest (think boxing)
  • now two slow deep breaths to begin with…breathing in through nose and visualizing air coming in and up into top of skull (optimum oxygen intake) and (with naval in tight) pressing air out at your diaphragm through parted, relaxed lips until all old air is expelled.  no blowing! 
  • keep focusing on your breath throughout exercise but change to normal breathing speed.




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