{Healthy Fuel}: To-Go Snack Ideas


i’m gone from the house most days and look for healthy snacks to keep in my truck for in between jobs.

i keep a plastic jar of

sunflower seeds
pumpkin seeds
and peanuts.

i just eat a handful now and then.  it’s amazing how it helps keep my energy up and appetite low.

i also always take at least one piece of fruit with me, more if we have it.

then, lastly, sometimes i will make a smoothie (like the one posted here the other day) the night before, freeze it, then take it in my truck ice chest with a freezer deal by it.  after about 3 or 4 hours (usual times of one of my jobs) it is just softened up enough to crush up into cold sludge to eat with a spoon.  it’s incredibly good!


{Fitness Tip}: Swim Away, Swim Away

You don't have to be Michael Phelps to get fit by swimming!

swimming is an excellent alternative to walking. 

one of my sons was praising the benefits of swimming today and what a really hard aerobic workout it can be – with the added benefit of no stress on joints!

also, no reminders are needed to suck in our abs because a swimsuit is not a forgiving little piece of cloth. 🙂 seriously, though, for those who just can’t seem to make walking, tracks, bikes, stationary bikes, dancing, etc. to work for them, swimming may be the next ‘discovery!’ in your fitness journey.

best yet, it may be the one that sticks, for life.

*image from Home of Sports

{Motivation}: Workout Nirvana

today, let’s consider what our workout bliss and doable workout regimen might be to reach a lifestyle fitness nirvana…or close.

in other words, find what works so perfectly with our bodies, our schedules, our energy levels, our mindsets and our motivations that we can and will include it into our daily lives long term- happily!

for real, this can happen and change our lives for the better because some of us live it and know it’s true.

just exactly like finding the Lord and our heart being transformed through Him, we have the testimony of all the new dimensions a fitter, healthier body can add to our lives in so many ways.  and essential to this breakthrough is the fuel we supply our engine with.  ‘garbage in’ turns into garbage to run on.

so let us commit to paying more attention to what works for us individually and what we enjoy in the way of working out both on the aerobic level and exercise level.  also, let us fuel that wonderful discovery with our own healthy choices that we love enough to keep growing, buying, snacking on, cooking and never feeling deprived eating because…


we are loving the way we feel, baby!

*image from 1000awesomethings.com

{Healthy Fuel}: Smoothies!

Consider smoothies as a dessert alternative or as breakfast or whenever.  they are ultra filling and  healthy and whatever you can’t finish just pop in the freezer for later.  they can be microwaved a little at a time and stirred until slushy again. i’m smiling typing this because i love smoothies so much!

Nuts ‘n’ Berries Protein Smoothie

In blender put

1/2 cup vanilla soy milk
1 big tablespoon greek yogurt
splash of milk
splash of water
1 tblsp ground flax seed
Splenda to taste
cinnamon and a bit of ginger
1/2 of frozen banana

then blend well.
Stop then add to taste almonds, pecans and walnuts

(i add about 1/3 cup altogether) and blend well. 
then add 1 big tblsp whey and soy protein powder, a few
each of frozen strawberries, blueberries, peaches
and blackberries and blend until very smooth.

Taste and if it is too strong you can add some
more water then a few pieces of ice and blend until slushy
and milder.

*image from allthefoodintheworld.com

{Fitness Tip}: Stability Ball

please consider buying a
stability ball for your home if you don’t already
have one.  they have them at walmart in boxes that
show height range to make sure you get the right
one.  make sure it is not weighted or anti-burst. 

they were first designed to work with folks who
needed back or knee physical therapy.  now we use
them to strengthen and stretch the back and front
of our core.  it’s also great for working your
glutes (hips) and legs.  the ball helps to
strengthen the muscles used in correct posture as

below is an interesting quote from
exercise physiologist Thomas Hyde:
‘In particular, many ball exercises are designed
to bring movement to the spine in a controlled
manner to help keep the discs nourished. Moving
the vertebrae helps nourish the discs in the spine
by increasing blood flow around the disc and by
causing the water to flow in and out of the disc.’
so you choose the reasons for using this excellent
workout tool in your home and then get to it.

{Motivation}: Summer’s Coming!

we are back and ready to hit the ground running.

summer will be here before we know it and we all feel better lighter when it’s hot, right?  so why not check out goodwill or hunt county shopper for a cheap static bicycle or track – or grab some walking shoes or swimsuit and ‘get up and get going‘.

no one can do it but you, my friend.

it’s so funny how much better we know we feel when we take care of this marvelous machine God has blessed us with including the way we


or fuel

it and the way we


and stretch

it out.

then we make choices to work against this and end up feeling yucky!  soooooooo, today let’s choose to dance (even if the music is just in our heads), stretch our arms up and out taking deep breaths while we do it, walk briskly and eat a big beautiful salad instead of those cookies!

*image from marthastewart.com

{Healthy Fuel}: Snacks

if we are gone from our homes all day, let’s try to take healthy, light food choices with us for snacks.

this is a very big deal because it is those in-between times during the day that our resolve to ‘do this thing!’ begins to crumble.  we begin to get tired, stressed, unappreciated, hurried, you name it and the dreaded munchies rear their ugly heads!

we can even convince ourselves we ‘deserve’ that zillion calorie, zero nutrition apple fritter because of ‘what we are having to endure.’  then afterwards we feel more defeated, sluggish, depressed and bummed out.

sooooo, let’s take a couple of things we love to eat and makes us feel like dancing around because it’s such great fuel for our bodies.

then we win!  big smile 🙂