{Good to Know}: Healing with Amino Acids.

today we are talking healing.

ever have a bug that just lingers like a fog or a boo boo that stays red around the edges for days?  well, maybe this will give us a natural body weapon.  amino acids are apparently the key to healing with gusto!  make sure your meals and snacks have lots of fish, chicken, eggs (especially the whites), brown rice, walnuts, almonds and sunflower seeds. 

some studies show that vitamin C and zinc can also help.  drink a glass of OJ and eat the daily recommended amount of fruit and produce, for real.  we say we are but if we measure and weigh for one day most of us come up short in these departments.

a fortified breakfast cereal is an easy way to get zinc.  and for healing power, if we take multivitamins, we need to choose one that delivers B12 and iron, both of which aid bone marrow in forming new blood cells.

finally, consider how cool this one amino acid is –  a Harvard study found that folks who got the amino acid glutamine intravenously after surgery spent four fewer days in the hospital.  how cool is that?

the Lord has put us together in marvelous and mysterious ways!


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