{Hello, Spring}: Posture Tips.

greetings!  spring is here so let us all rejoice in the beauty springing forth all around us and in our hearts hopefully. 
we have discussed how it also helps the body take in more oxygen when we inhale deeply through our nose and visualize the air going up into the top of our skulls.  yes, i’m aware that sounds insane.  but i’m proof that it works plus much research has been done on it as well. 
there is measurable proof that it strengthens your core to pull in your naval then visualize also tucking it up under your ribs.  this activates smaller support muscles that gird us in even more! 
another good example of proof in the pudding is to visualize that an invisible cord is lifting you up stairs when you climb them and it somehow makes it easier – for real. 
so we determine to be open to new opportunities to broaden our arsenal for the daily grind.

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