{Fitness Tip}: Squeezing It In.


please do not brush your teeth or wash dishes or even work at the kitchen counter without considering squeezing in some easy fitness moves.

it’s the perfect time and afterwards you will feel great! 

good considerations –

  • balance moves such as lifting one foot to the side or back and even practicing lifting up on the ball of your foot at the same time (not if you are chopping with a knife though! :O )
  • slowly lifting up on both feet to do toe raises for your calves
  • pulling your abs in and doing some front and sideways pelvic tilts and shifts (make sure you are alone for this one)
  • slow, precise leg lifts to the side or the back or even leaning over to do angled donkey kicks as in kick boxing (again no knives).

anyway, kidding aside, you get the drift.  be sure to breathe, hold in your core to stabilize your back and lift up out of your pelvis.  when you sink down to do standing leg lifts it does little for you except make it easier!

we want results without bunches of reps.

if you concentrate on how you execute the moves you will not get injured as easily and will reap the benefits of a strong healthy body!


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